ATI builds Radio Frequency shields for both high-field Resonance equipment and low-field systems.



Our engineers perform precise site planning that adapts perfectly to your facilities, maximizing the cost-benefit ratio. Our modular shields are entirely made of copper, and can be easily transported and installed to optimize the start-up process of your new Magnetic Resonance unit. Once the installation is complete, we have the necessary instruments to certify our shields.


Radio frequency (RF) shielding is required for all MRI scanners. The construction of an RF shielded enclosure reduces the RF noise inside the MRI exam room. Noise sources can originate from radio stations, electrical equipment, and other various sources. The air is full of random radio frequency signals. MRI uses radio signals to make images and the external RF in the environment has the potential to cause image artifacts if not shielded from the MRI exam room. The shielding consists of a metal layer installed in the structure of the MRI exam room, including walls, floor, and ceiling.
Various metals can be used in a number of construction methods. There are pros and cons with all the RF shielding systems available, however, solder seamed Copper is the best method when considering quality and long term reliability. Other RF shielding systems may utilize galvanized steel and modular panels that are bolted together. The shielding needs to protect every entrance to the room including doors, windows, HVAC ductwork, electrical circuits for lights/outlets, and any other apertures that penetrate the room. All penetrations must be passed through RF filters or waveguides to reduce the level. We offer both solder seamed copper and modular panel systems and will tailor them to the needs of the customer and project.

Soldered-Seamed Copper

Features / Advantages

Soldered seamed copper is the best choice when quality and long term reliability are important. We offer a lifetime warranty, but it doesn’t matter because in over 20 years of building this shield, we have never been called back to fix a failure. Our materials and construction techniques make use of the wisest choices in every category. The copper material has been carefully selected and tested to provide maximum durability and flexibility to meet challenging geometries.

The copper is 100% adhered to a 3/4″ substrate which provides robustness and adaptability for easy modifications. All penetrations are carefully controlled with stainless steel hardware. Installation of interior furring is provided and no wood products are utilized in the floor system. There is no flame spray or “special” gaskets, to control dissimilar metals bonds like some of the competition does. We only use compatible metals such as brass and stainless steel in all our ancillary products including door and window frames. If you want the best that will never fail or get old, this is the choice.

Galvanized Steel Panel Shielding

Features / Advantages

Galvanized steel panel shielding systems are modular in nature and typically lower cost than soldered seamed copper. This type of shield can be a self supporting structure independent of the parent building and requires no exterior framing or substrate to attach to. The modular nature permits relocating or selling for a second use. The double galvanized steel layers also provide a measurable reduction in EMI or low frequency magnetic fields. In situations where the EMI is excessive, the panels can be fabricated with thicker layers of materials to provide the required shielding.

Galvanized steel is laminated to both sides of ¾” particle board. Panels are available in sizes up to 10’ in length. 1/8” steel channels are used to clamp the panels together and provide the RF tight seams. The ceiling is supported by threaded rods from above or special joist channels are used to make the structure completely independent of the parent space. We utilize the same stainless steel frames for windows and doors as with the copper system. All penetrations are controlled with stainless steel hardware. This is the most cost effective solution for your MRI RF shielding needs.



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